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MINUTES: IETF/W3C coordination call

From: Martin Duerst <duerst@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:22:18 +0900
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W3C-IETF Coordination Meeting Mon, 14 Jun 2004

Attendees:  Martin Duerst (W3C), Leslie Daigle (IAB), Dan Connoly (W3C),
Ted Hardie (IESG),  Allison Mankin (IESG).
Regrets:  Tim Berners-Lee, Eric Miller

Chair:   Martin Duerst
Scribe:  Ted Hardie


Review of Action Items.
Discussion of the proposed work on Atom.
Coordination of future meeting dates.
Media type Registration
Registration of URI schemes
Marchiori spec on p3p
Next meeting time.

Review of Action Items:

The outstanding action item to review the architecture document is complete.
Dan noted that the TAG had received two hundred or so comments on the
document, including the IAB initiated comment, and is processing them now.

Dan sent the requested email coordinating work between the WebDAV
working group and the Data Access working group.

Review of the outstanding URI action Item was postponed to the later
Agenda slot.

Leslie's outstanding action item complete.

Martin's action item remains open:
Martin Duerst: update the XSLT working group on progress related to RFC 3023.

Discussion of the proposed work on Atom:

The group attending discussed this item.  The W3C confirmed
a previous message from Eric, confirming that the Atom work
will go forward in the IETF.  Lelsie Daigle expressed hope that
the relevant active participants from the W3C would continue
to be active in the upcoming working group and noted that the
early coordination on this topic seemed to have worked well.
Martin Duerst concurred that the coordination had been valuable,
but that earlier coordination would have been even better.

Discussion of future meeting dates:

There may be a conflict between the Spring 2005 IETF and the
W3C technical plenary.  Leslie Daigle indicated that the dates for
the Spring 2005 IETF are reasonably firm, despite the announcement
of venue being incomplete.  The IETF secretariat maintains a
list of meetings to take into account when scheduling; mail to
meeting-planning@ietf.org with a note of the dates was requested.

Discussion of media type registration:

Dan Connoly thanked Martin Duerst for his work preparing
http://www.w3.org/2002/06/registering-mediatype.html#Status and
the group concurred.  Ted Hardie noted that the IESG has approved
the procedure.  Allison Mankin asked where the new procedure had
been posted. Ted Hardie noted that it had been placed in the relevant
minutes, and took an action Item to confirm the location of the published

Discussion of URI registration:

Prior to beginning discussion of URI registration, Martin noted that the
new version of the URI specification is close to completion and that
Roy Fielding had expressed a potential requirement to re-draft
RFCs 2718 and 2717 in relation to that work.  RFC 2717 is the
current URI registration document.

Ted Hardie noted that we now have an actual URI conflict: mms:
(in use by Microsoft and 3gpp2, for different protocols). Dan Connoly
noted that dns:  had also been a problem, but that the deployment
had been far less and so the issue wasn't quite as serious.

Dan Connoly asked about the possibility of moving to tentative registrations,
as a way of putting the community on notice that a particular string was
desired.  Leslie Daigle noted that this would be more readily available
data than the current requirement to search mailing list archives, but
wondered how blocking a tentative registration would be.  Allison Mankin
asked separating review for IETF protocol URIs from review of the scheme
registration, using the dns: scheme as an example.  She further asked
about using the groups creating the uri schemes to review the protocols.
Martin Duerst then asked whether the tentative registration mechanism for
mail headers is turning out well; Ted Hardie replied that it i relatively new
and no data has been collected yet.

Martin Duerst then asked whether the URI spec could go forward without updates
to the procedures and guidelines.  Ted Hardie and Leslie Daigle gave their
opinions that this sounded reasonable, unless the base specification contained
changes that forced them to move in lock step.

Martin Duerst then asked whether the URI draft would be a gating factor for
the IRI draft. Dan Connoly took an action item to estimate the approximate 
completion time of the URI specification update. The group then agreed that
the current plan would be to send the IRI draft out for IETF Last Call upon
completion of the URI spec, but that may be reconsidered based on the result
of Dan's actiom item.

The group also agreed to drop the action item for setting up a URI
coordination meeting, due to resource/time constraints for Dan.

The group then discussed the charter expiration of the W3C's Coordination
Group.  Dan Connoly indicated that he leaned toward taking the uri@w3.org
mailing list and making it the focus of the W3C Interest Group, once its 
was suitably refreshed and adjusted.

P3P header registration:

This agenda item was postponed.

Future Meeting time:

The group agreed that its next meeting would be Thursday, 30 September 2004,
5 p.m. EDT.
[[the meeting has later been moved by two weeks]]

Open Action Items:
Martin Duerst: update the XSLT working group on progress related to RFC 3023.
Ted Hardie:    confirm location of published IESG procedures for registration
                of mime types from standards organizations.
Dan Connoly:   to estimate the approximate completion time of the URI
                specification update.
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