Re: Google Wallet and the "Korean bank" use-case

Hi Anders,

You've mentioned Google Wallet several times.  Could you explain why you think it's important for the development of a web crypto API?  

In particular, what do you mean by "the strength of Google Wallet"?  Do you mean that the web crypto API must be able to provide crypto strong enough to support applications Google Wallet?  (That is, equivalent to what Google Wallet uses today.)


On Nov 29, 2011, at 1:11 AM, Anders Rundgren wrote:

> Since I was mentioned by Harry as a possible contributor I would like to summarize
> my input:
> A new on-line system system must at least have the strength of the Google Wallet
> which presumably is built around GlobalPLatform.
> That the Google Wallet currently is secret is IMO a major obstacle for a fruitful
> discussion.
> Maybe a "Googler" could comment on this?
> Anders Rundgren

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