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Re: The "korean bank" use-case

From: Channy Yun <channy@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 02:22:51 +0900
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To: Ron Garret <ron@flownet.com>
Cc: public-identity@w3.org
2011/11/28 Ron Garret <ron@flownet.com>

> What is the "secure code" referred to here?  Is that a PIN?  And what is
> the difference between a "secure code" and a "secure code (with SMS auth)"?

Yes. Secure code is PIN  as like
You can input first 2 letter for one specific number and last 2 letter for
the other number in authentification.
In case of SMS auth, you will get auth number via text to your phone and
input this number on processing.

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