The "korean bank" use-case

Just to get the discussion going...

in case devices are in scope you should know that the

GlobalPlatform Card Specification 2.2.1

is well over 300 pages and in turn refers to 500 pages+ of additional information.

IMO, this is also the reason why the *current* smart card technology is unsuitable
for browser integration.

FYI, I recently tested the JRE 1.6 standard library "javax.smartcardio.*" and found
that it worked extremely bad on the 3 platforms I tried it on.

As often pointed out, smart cards *do* work with certain combinations of operating
systems, readers and middleware but as a foundation for consumers it simply doesn't
cut  it.

I.e. my quest for a simpler "web token" is a more realistic take on this topic in spite of
the fact that you need new hardware.


Received on Sunday, 27 November 2011 15:31:05 UTC