Re: Last call for Use-cases/Goals for web crypto charter

Good initiative!

I would be happy to get an encryption use-case.

So far message-based encryption hasn't been a huge success.


On 2011-11-24 14:55, Harry Halpin wrote:
> If you look at our current charter, then you'll see that there is 
> currently no goals section, only a brief paragraph. I'd like to get the 
> goals section more concrete, and use that as an exercise in scoping the 
> charter down. Right now, we have more features than use-cases, and I 
> want to clearly connect every feature to a use-case.
> So before AC Review, I'd like to have an explicit goals section that 
> lists in one or two terse sentences each of the use-cases that people on 
> the list find important.
> So everyone who has a use-case please send it now, described in 1-2 
> sentences. Then also, *look* at the primary/secondary/ and out-of-scope 
> features and list what features are necessary for the goal. Also, to see 
> if anything is missing.
> I've heard the following:
> 1) To determine if device is suitable for certain content
> 2) Loading keys from a USB/smartcard for financial transactions ("Korean 
> bank" use-case)
> 3) Identity claims signing
> 4) JS Code-signing
> 5) Helping OAuth
> I'm sure there are more. Having a use-case at this stage does not mean 
> it will be covered by API, as that will require actually specing the 
> case out in a use-cases and requirement document and getting consensus 
> from WG (including implementors).
>           cheers,
>               harry

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