New HTML version of Web Cryptography Working Group charter

As the deadline for informal comments has passed on the wiki version, I 
took the wiki and transformed it into HTML for wider review:

The main change over the last two weeks has been to

1) Move some of the out-of-scope work to possible secondary features, 
while keeping certificate work out of scope.

2) To add (thanks Mark from Netflix for the idea!) a required use-case 
requirements document that we can then use to prune the secondary 
features into

We have kept the list of primary, secondary, and out-of-scope features 
in order to keep group on track and for scoping possible IPR commitments 
from W3C members.

We will send this document to various W3C members that have requested to 
see the draft charter and re-announce this charter to the AC (as it's 
changed significantly from the previous identity-focussed charter). We 
will still be accepting comments from this list for the next 2 weeks.


Received on Wednesday, 23 November 2011 21:05:39 UTC