Re: DomCrypto - Revised Strategy?

Hi Anders,

I'm confused. DOMCrypt and OBC solve completely different problems.  DOMCrypt is about providing a crypto API to Javascript.  OBC is about authentication / identity binding at the TLS layer (there's no JS interaction).  

Also, FWIW, OBC has been proposed for work in the IETF TLS working group:


On Nov 18, 2011, at 4:21 AM, Anders Rundgren wrote:

> Google has silently already launched their Origin Bound Certficate TLS
> extension in Chrome.  IMO, this is the only way forward.
> If Mozilla is serious about DomCrypt, Mozilla must release "as is";
> nobody will care otherwise.
> Google did the same with their wallet which is a REALLY interesting
> thing.  Unfortunately the architecture seems to be secret.
> Anders

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