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RE : New "Goals" (use-cases) - Is your use-case there, accurately described?

From: GALINDO Virginie <Virginie.GALINDO@gemalto.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 17:16:21 +0100
To: Harry Halpin <hhalpin@w3.org>, "public-identity@w3.org" <public-identity@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CCF457F96AE2AC4E85DA8E35C3CD8F0F05D650744A21@CROEXCFWP04.gemalto.com>
Dear all,

coming back from 3 weeks and trying to unstack the  mails related  to the Crypto Web API. I will try to give gemalto view on each of the open and living thread. 

On the usecases, I feel that the list mentionned in the current version of the charter is large enough to drive the appropriate requirements. I would have  liked to  see the "corporate security" market segment mentionned, in addition to the financial segment. Apart from that I think that the key basic uses are listed : 
- authentication of user, application, device, library
- secure storage
- support to secure communication (meaning on the fly encyption/decryption)

Anyway, I think that this is just an indicative list to feed the work on the actual developent of usecases and requirements. 


De : Harry Halpin [hhalpin@w3.org]
Date d'envoi : vendredi 9 décembre 2011 13:54
À : public-identity@w3.org
Objet : New "Goals" (use-cases) - Is your use-case there, accurately described?

I have to admit I'm disappointed that we haven't had more good use-cases
come up on the mailing list, and while lots of people have discussed
particular features, very few people have discussed use-cases. Note that
without use-cases, we will start withdrawing features. Here's the
current list [1].

I've done my best with the fairly small bits of text I've gotten to
craft some use-cases. Please inspect and make sure the wording is right,
and suggest to add/remove use-cases and connect the use-cases to actual

Also note that we will send this charter to AC review now *after*
Christmas break. We could have done it earlier had people been a bit
more focused on the mailing list :)


[1] http://www.w3.org/2011/11/webcryptography-charter.html#goals
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