Hiring Re: IDCG ideas for consideration for building an action plan

W3C has several dozen team members. But it seems that it would score very
low in terms of diversity for an organisation whose name starts with

Articulating a plan to ensure the changes to personnel will lead to
rapidly increasing diversity seems like it would be a pretty good thing to
take on.


On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 16:17:43 +1000, Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org> wrote:

>   Leonie, thanks for pulling together a meeting of the Inclusion
>      and Diversity Community Group.
>     All, I'm particularly hoping we can discuss elements of a
>      multi-point plan of action, even if part of our discussion is
>      focused on a possible W3C statement.
>     It may seem hard at first to figure out what W3C can do for an
>      action plan given that we're an international technology
>      consortium. But on other aspects of diversity, including
>      disability and gender, W3C has made some progress over the years,
>      even though we often questioned whether any particular step would
>      have an impact, and even though there's lots more to do. On racial
>      justice issues I'm hoping that we can think broadly when
>      considering possible actions across the W3C community. Here are
>      some possible ideas to brainstorm on, mostly phrased as questions.
>      I'd welcome discussion on these on the IDCG list, in meetings, and
>      in any other W3C fora, and also an expansion of an ideas list that
>      might provide us good options to turn into an action plan. Some of
>      these repeat a few things already mentioned on the list, and I
>      also haven't captured them all.
>     ...
>     9. Action Plan? Some of these ideas may not be a
>      good fit for W3C, and a lot of other good ideas may be missing. If
>      we think ahead a year, what kind of progress would we want to be
>      able report, and what among these possibilities -- or other
>      possibilities -- might help get us there? Anyone interested in
>      starting to build an action plan from these or similar ideas?
>     - Judy

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