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Re: Action needed: Proposal to adopt Diversity Scholarship description

From: Reid, Wendy <wendy.reid@rakuten.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2019 19:55:18 +0000
To: "lw@tetralogical.com" <lw@tetralogical.com>, "public-idcg@w3.org" <public-idcg@w3.org>
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On 2019-02-04, 12:10 PM, "Léonie Watson" <lw@tetralogical.com> wrote:

    This is the second of the three proposals we need to make a decision about.
    Proposal 2:
    Adopt the following description of the Diversity Scholarship.
    Note: the description uses "scholarship" throughout. If the CG decides 
    to change it to "fund", it will mean minor editorial changes to the 
    following text.
    The purpose of the W3C diversity scholarship is to increase 
    participation at TPAC, by people who could otherwise not attend.
    To apply to the diversity scholarship you should be from a group that is 
    under-represented in the web community, and unable to attend TPAC 
    without financial help.
    When you apply, you will be asked to explain (in one or two sentences) 
    what perspectives you will bring, and which areas you would like to 
    contribute to during TPAC. You are not required to self-identify as 
    belonging to any particular group, but If you are comfortable sharing 
    that information it will help us ensure the scholarships are balanced 
    across different under-represented groups.
    The definition of "under-represented" means different things to 
    different people, and the language used is also different depending on 
    where you are. For this reason we've chosen not to name specific 
    under-represented groups in this information.
    If you are thinking of applying to the diversity scholarship, but you 
    are not sure whether you should, please get in touch. We will answer 
    your questions in confidence, and can offer any help you might need to 
    complete the application.
    * If you support this proposal, please reply to this email with a +1 at 
    the top.
    * If you do not support this proposal, please reply to this email with a 
    -1 at the top.
    * If you do not feel strongly about this proposal, or do not want to 
    participate, please reply to this email with a 0 at the top.
    You do not have to respond at all, but it really helps if you do. If you 
    would prefer to respond privately, you can send your response to me 
    directly (to lw@tetralogical.com).
    Please respond before the end of the day on Friday 8th February 2019.
    Thank you.
    Director TetraLogical

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