Ali Gali forms

Hi Greg,

Here attached is a table of proposed Ali Gali forms. I added several forms and even two proposed letters: Manchu Ali Gali Vocalic R and Manchu Ali Gali GA. Code-points, glyphs, sources, and other information are given. I hope this table is useful for discussion on Ali Gali encoding. 


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Hi Weizhe,


Yes, 189E ĘC I can see that in the image. Thanks for the clarification.


Thanks for your help in getting my inputs out on the GB 25914-2010.



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Hi Greg,


I submitted your observations on GB 25914-2010 together with a short summary in Chinese. I hope they take notice.


For Ali Gali forms, the first 18A0 in my message was a typo. It should be 189E. I will compile a document with glyphs and code-points to clarify my suggestion.



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