FW: New Proposal Status

Hi Jirimutu,

Regarding the first comment on the U+1826+FVS3_Medial. This is to hand the case of DUEGER with NO NNBSP. It will over-ride the display of the gedes+shilbe to result in just the default gedes. If we adopt the idea of the FVS4 being a "default_selector", then it would use that control character instead of FVS4. So, you are correct, there is a mistake there. It should be U+1826+FVS3_Medial.

Yes, correct on the U+182D+FVS4_Medial in the Summary listing.

I will correct both.

Thanks for the notice,

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Subject: RE: New Proposal Status

I have found one small mistake in your document "NP Proposed Changes 20160114.pdf".
I have commented it on the PDF file. Please find the attached file to correct it in your original document.


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