FW: Isolated Forms (was: FVS Assignment MisMatch)

I am looking back through our thread on Isolates.
What do you mean by TBC below in the last paragraph?

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Subject: Isolated Forms (was: FVS Assignment MisMatch)

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> Do you mean, we don᠌'t need to follow the Mongolian Character display
> form which is selected in the Unicode chart U1800.pdf as the default
> isolate form of the character ?


> Because of this I am puzzled for how to handle the U1824 and U1826
> isolate form. The New Proposal on the
> http://r12a.github.io/scripts/mongolian/variants showed us to select
> the Initial form of the character in real word to be the isolate
> form. But all of the implementation is not selected the form which is
> shown on the Unicode chart.

I believe the 'letters' O and U differ only in pronunciation.  Likewise,
the 'letters' OE and UE differ only in pronunciation.  The obvious
method is to find representative words for the pairs of vowels and show
them with the vowels.  That won't work well when space is limited, as on
a keyboard.

The letters A and E also have identical isolated forms.  It is
convenient that the commoner isolated (TBC) and initial forms of A are
different to the forms for E.


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