Re: Overide #2 (NA and GA)

Greg , Rchard,

The compound word which it's first word is masculine and ended with Ga 
is same as the Na, but do not have many.
I found few words.

by the way,
there is no middle initial E(1821, E+FVS1).
In my opinion, it is better to add E+FVS1 which it's height is taller 
than default one like N + FVS3.
It is not only for appearance of the compound word itself, but useful 
for split it to words later.


On 2015/09/07 22:55, Greg Eck wrote:
> Richard,
> This is a good question.
> Can anyone come up with an example?
> So, we are looking for XXXY+ZAAA where XXXY is a full word, ZAAA is a full word, Y is a "GA", Z is a Vowel, and XXXYZAAA is an accepted compound word.
> Greg

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