RE: Making attachments available and accessible

Hi Richard,
Yes, this would be very helpful.
We can start with the doc that Richard Wordingham just sent out.
Then I will start to compile other pertinent files and add a description of our discussion.
One question is where the file repository would be?
If there is a central drop point, that would be better.

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Subject: Making attachments available and accessible

a number of useful files have been sent with the emails in the public-i18n-mongolian list, and it may be useful to have a page that points to them so that they can be found easily. In some cases, updated versions of the attached document are posted later, and such a list could point to the latest version, making it easier to locate the right one.

the documents range from DS01 to small examples.

one way to do this would be to have a page on a W3C/github server that points to the relevant email in the archive.  When people post a new document or an updated version of a document, we could update the list.

in some cases, especially where a document is too large to be sent by email, we could also upload the document to the server so that everyone has access.

do people think this would be useful? If so, i can make it happen.


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