Re: Mongolian NNBSP [I18N-ACTION-458]

On Fri, 31 Jul 2015 16:44:52 +0100
Andrew West <> wrote:

> What is the context for "Numeric NNBSP Aletter" ? ExtendNumLet would
> inhibit a word break after a numeric, but I think that MidLetter would
> not.

Correct.  Nor would MidNumLet - "X.25" has word breaks either side of
the full stop (.) - |X|.|25| is what I get as an indications of
boundaries when I use the ICU software library.  ICU is a flagship
implementation of Unicode properties. ('|' represents a word

If a short word containing NNBSP does not fit on a line, but
the part before NNBSP would, what should the next line begin with?  The
whole word, or just the suffix?

If words with NNBSP may be freely split between lines at the NNBSP, and
the nothing remains of the gap, then NNBSP should have line-breaking
property BA (= "break after"), not GL.  This would make NNBSP totally
unsuitable for French!


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