Fwd: Re: FW: Mongolian NNBSP [I18N-ACTION-458]


the Unicode Technical Committee discussed the NNBSP problem yesterday. 
Here is a first summary of the outcome.  I or Addison Phillips will send 
more information soon on the details related to 'additional 
information', but they are likely to revolve around additional frequency 
and usage info outside Mongolian, given presence on some non-Mongolian 

hope this helps,

On 30/07/2015 23:52, Deborah W. Anderson wrote:
> In sum, additional information was deemed necessary before making a gc
> change, but a PRI will be put up on this option.
> Here is the specific outcome and actions (based on my notes, which are
> not official):
> 1. Consensus to change the wordbreak property of U+202F to ExtendNumLet
> and sentence break of U+202F to Other
> 2. Action Items:
> Mark: update WordBreakProperty.txt and SentenceBreakProperty.txt
> Laurentiu: make changes in UAX 29 and include a review note that scopes it
> (Rick: AI to prepare and post a PRI on UAX 29 to close Oct 26)
> Ken and EdCom: create a PRI for a possible change of gc of U+202F from
> Zs to Pc
> (Rick to post the PRI and have it close Oct 26)

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