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RE: Using the public-i18n-mongolian mailing list for the first time

From: <jrmt@almas.co.jp>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2015 10:07:50 +0900
To: "'Richard Ishida'" <ishida@w3.org>, <public-i18n-mongolian@w3.org>
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Hi Richard,

Would you please add my another colleague  Aronsoyol (aron@almas.co.jp) to this mailing-list.
He is also following up the status of this discussion.

Thanks and Best Regrads,

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Subject: Re: Using the public-i18n-mongolian mailing list for the first time

Please also bear in mind that you need to write to the list using the email address that is subscribed to the list, otherwise your email won't get through. If you need to add another email to the list or change something, let me know, and i'll try to help. (ishida@w3.org)



On 05/07/2015 08:32, Richard Ishida wrote:
> folks,
> please note that the first time you send an email to 
> public-i18n-mongolian you may receive a message back like asking you 
> for permission to forward the email to the public archive.
> click on the link after "Please visit" and you'll be taken to a page 
> that looks like the one in the attached image.
> your message will not be sent to the list unless you take the action 
> requested.
> you only have to do this once.
> please select an item from the list (eg. "YES, W3C may archive this 
> message and any further messages I send to 
> public-i18n-mongolian@w3.org on its Web site.)"  and click on "Submit the option selected above".
> from then on, your messages will just go straight to the archive.
> feel free to ask me if you have questions.
> best,
> richard
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