Fwd: Mongolian feedback on Unicode 6.3

Hi Greg,
NNBSP is real problem. Please see the highlighted (bold) text. If this 
is not changed anymore then this symbol is not useful for mongolian, 
although it introduced by Report 170. In this case we have following two 
1. We should handle suffix bindings also by MVS in fonts. (Quick and 
dirty way)
2. We need to introduce new control glyph like NNBSP, which should not 
be handled as whitespace but as joiner. It should not be named like 
NNBSP but Suffix Joiner or something to avoid mishandling. (Slow and 
cleaner way)
The best way in my opinion is NNBSP must be handled as joiner/formatter 
in all rendering engines like ICU, Harfbuzz, MS-Uniscribe etc.

PS: My reply to "RE: NNBSP-MVS Impact" thread not delivered. Probably, 
my emails cannot be delivered to public-i18n-mongolian list.


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Subject:  Mongolian feedback on Unicode 6.3
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Hello Andy, and Badral --
Regarding the feedback below...

The Mongolian Vowel Separator is not whitespace any more as of Unicode 6.3.
*The NNSP is and will remain a whitespace; it can't be changed at this 
stage because of stability policies.*
But the issues around Mongolian are being investigated, and further work 
will be done. There was an extensive discussion of Mongolian during the 
meeting, and people will be discussing various issues ad hoc.


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