Request for advice: Initial letter behaviour

The CSS WG needs advice on initial letter styling in non-Latin scripts, 
ie. things like drop caps, for a recently published Working Draft, CSS 
Inline Layout Module Level 3.

The spec currently describes drop, sunken and raised initial characters, 
and allows you to manipulate them using the initial-letter and the 
initial-letter-align properties. You can apply those properties to text 
selected by ::first-letter, or to the first child of a block (such as a 

The editors are looking for

     "any examples of drop initials in non-western scripts, especially 
Arabic and Indic scripts."

I have scanned some examples from newspapers (so, not high quality 
print). I’ll add a few more shortly.

In the section about initial-letter-align the spec says:

     "Input from those knowledgeable about non-Western typographic 
traditions would be very helpful in describing the appropriate 
alignments. More values may be required for this property."

Do you have detailed information about initial letter styling in a 
non-Latin script that you can contribute? If so, please write to (how to subscribe).


Received on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 12:17:16 UTC