Changes to Mongolian variants doc

working with Greg Eck, i recently made a large number of changes to

they include:

+ adapted NP column to conform to latest (not yet published) version of NP
+ finalised MB results for v5.4.1 for 1824, 1826 & 184D (previously tbc)
+ Added information about a pre-shipped version of Mongolian Baiti.
+ added column for FangZhen, with results
+ added results for Menkhsoft font from a copy of my page by huqitu 
(Sibe & Manchu missing)
+ added colour-coding around images, and rationalized colour-coding to 
show differences from NP column
+ new information and bug fixes for various characters and various other 
editorial changes

diffs can be found at


Received on Thursday, 7 May 2015 08:15:08 UTC