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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0503ReqTermIdentification" by MasakiItagaki

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  == Challenge/Issue ==
  The capability of specifying terms within the source content is important for terminology management that is beneficial to translation/localization quality. Terms to be identified include any domain-specific words and abbribiations for which translators need additional information in order to find appropriate concepts in their target langauges. Term identification also facilitates the creation of glossaries and allows validation of terminology usage in the source and target documents.
- '''[[CL]] How about refering to the usage scenario here?]]'''
- '''[[MI]] Yes, we need it. How about the format of links to usage scenarios? If we don't need a specific format, I'll put some reference in here.]]''' '''[[YS-'''No special format needed, for now just point to the wiki page, we'll fix it to point to the correct section in the final document.''']]'''
  Meanwhile, identified terms could be used for indexing that may require some language specific information. For example, Japanse words are sorted not by script characters, but by phonetic characters. Therefore when a Japanese index item should be accompanied with a phonetic string, called Yomigana.
  As a result, terms may require various attributes, such as part of speech, gender, number, term types, definitions, notes on usage, etc. To avoid such a large attribute data is repeated within a document, it should be possible for identified terms to link to externalized attribute data, such as glossary documents and terminology database (See Quick Guideline Thoughs below).  
  == Notes ==
  For more details, please see discussions on term links at OASIS/XLIFF [http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-i18n-its/2005JanMar/0069.html] for more details. The OSCAR/TBX working group is currently working on drafting the TBX Link sepcification [http://www.lisa.org/oscar/tbxlink/].
+ == Related Usage Scenario ==
+ Terminology Creation and Translation [http://esw.w3.org/topic/its0504ReqTermCreationTrans]
  == Quick Guideline Thoughts ==
  An example of externalization of term attributes:
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