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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0504ReqLinkedText" by YvesSavourel

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  '''[CL] Isn't "text references" too restricted? Wouldn't we also like to ensure for example that a screenshot/graphics which appears in a document, corresponds to a certain GUI element?'''
  '''[CL] "retrieve the actual text" seems too ambitious from my point of view. Example: I might need a certain user and password in order to connect to the development repository. This information (user id and password) is not sth. I would like to code in the XML content. Suggested alternate formulation: Identify corresponding development object/referenced object uniquely.'''
+ '''[[YS-''' So maybe something like: "...it is possible for localization tools to automatically retrieve the information about how to access the references at their original locations." ''']]'''
  == Background ==
@@ -60, +62 @@

   Selecting <ui-message name="Initialise Auditron" id="msg123" /> will always produce a confirmation screen. If <ui-message name="OK" id="msg124" /> is selected twice, the Auditron will be initialised and the account data deleted.
+ '''[[YS-''' I could also see some paragraph about the need to e able to modify the reference text as it is retrieved. For example, the data from a software UI "&File..." cannot be use as-it in the documentation, one need to remove the '&' (and maybe '...' too). But it also affect capitalization, etc. especially since different languages may have different rules for this. '']]''
+ '''[[YS-''' Another aspect, maybe more important, is to have the reference mechanism language-aware. You don't want to have to change each reference 'path' to the files in each localized versions of the document that uses the references. In other words, the reference mechanism should have provision for possibly working in conjuction with the current language settings.''']]'''
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