Re: agenda+ New lreq doc format

I have now applied similar edits to the Tibetan lreq doc (still in 
progress).  This is worth a look because it contains more actual content 
(which i may not remove).  It became apparent that it's better to have 
the list of links at the start of the section, rather than at the end.

temporary location:


> r12a <>
> 14 March 2024 at 11:27
> See section 7 at 
> I'm following the style of the Language Enablement Index to point to 
> links relevant to each section.  If there's no actual text for a 
> section, these link lists will still be there.  The subsections in 
> section 7 provide a nice assortment of eventualities.
> This should enable us to simplify the LE Index, which would be good 
> since we (I) regularly forget to maintain it, and it is also a little 
> complicated to maintain at the moment.
> I also added some asides at. the top of each section indicating what 
> the section should address. (There are similar things in the gap 
> analysis docs and the LE Index.)
> what do you think?

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