RE: agenda+ UTS55, UAX31 and URLPattern (FW: [whatwg/urlpattern] Consider fully supporting RTL and Bidi URLs (#43))

Anne replied:

> That's fair, but any changes we suggest have to first be considered holistically. Patching individual languages without having a reasonable solution for HTML or JavaScript doesn't strike me as a net improvement. In particular because it will likely make these text-based languages more inconsistent and harder to get into.

I don't disagree, but I also don't necessarily buy the argument "we can't fix anything here without fixing everything else first".

In this case, I think there are two immediately accessible possibilities:

1. Provide health warnings or guidance to bidi users that will help them avoid problems with visual reordering in URL pattern templates.

2. Permit isolating bidi controls in specific, well-defined parts of a URL pattern. The controls would be considered part of whitespace or are default ignorable. This is the approach that we're working on in MessageFormat2, for example. These would not be required, but would allow tools and users to make patterns that parse correctly visually _and_ functionally. This could be accomplished with minor additions to open, close, regexp (but only if regexp were expanded to allow non-ASCII characters), and name.

Anyway, I need to reschedule this discussion. It won't be this week, so probably next.

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