agenda+ RE: Discontinuing simple-ruby

Hello Kida-san,

Thanks for letting us know. I have added this topic to next week’s I18N
teleconference agenda. (I copied the other two editors listed in the current
draft on this message)

The simple-ruby document is on the Note track. That document track does not
include a “discontinued draft” status. We should talk to various folks
about the right approach, although I would suggest that we publish it as a
Note with a prominent warning that the document is discontinued and is only
kept as a historical reference. An example of this is the Unicode XML note



From: 木田泰夫 <>
Sent: Saturday, March 9, 2024 6:28 AM
Cc: Atsushi Shimono <>
Subject: Discontinuing simple-ruby

Dear I18N WG,

The JLReq Task Force would like to discontinue the development of the
simple-ruby document (, I notified the intention to some of you
in June, 2023. I would like to make it official.


Briefly speaking we are discontinuing the document as we are planning a
fundamental overhaul of the current description of ruby in jlreq-d which is
in development. For example:

- We decided to stop using terms such as mono-ruby and group-ruby which
reflects traditional workflow but do not necessarily aligned with modern
architecture such as CSS. As mono- and group- rubies are very similar,
unifying the two makes the description straightforward. Jukugo-ruby can be
explained as a segmented ruby in a more generic way. Old terms will be
described as historical concepts in side notes.

- Current description includes implicit assumptions that the base text and
ruby are in fullwidth characters, and that the base is in Kanji and the ruby
is in Kana. Considering modern usage of ruby with Japanese text it needs to
be more generic, with explicit special casing for such a typical case where


We would like to update the document with currently open pull requests,
publish it and make it a discontinued document. Open issues will not be
addressed in simple-ruby but we will review them and move ones that are
still relevant to jlreq-d.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Best REgards,

- kida

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