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Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

Event Canceled: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Event Invitation: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Event Updated: Internationalization telecon

Event Updated: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

I18N-ACTION-1108: Create naur review item

I18N-ACTION-1109: Remind shepherds to tend to their awaiting comment resolutions

I18N-ACTION-1110: Add "... and strings" to glossary definition of localizable content

I18N-ACTION-1111: Add rangerequest to review radar

I18N-ACTION-1112: Follow up on glossary linking from specdev so we can publish to tr

I18N-ACTION-1113: Clean up linking on specdev

I18N-ACTION-1114: Ping felix

I18N-ACTION-1115: Investigate input type=email status

I18N-ACTION-1116: Follow up on issue 1358

I18N-ACTION-1117: Contact plh to add horizontal review labels et al in a11y-discov-vocab

I18N-ACTION-1118: Follow up on (ask addison for details)

I18N-ACTION-1119: Issue 1445 links to wrong spec, talk to plh about it

I18N-ACTION-1120: Remind group to follow up on html#4986

I18N-ACTION-1121: Add urlpattern to review (non-urgent)

I18N-ACTION-1122: Find outstanding prs for string-meta and merge as appropriate

I18N-ACTION-1123: Look at pending issue 1465

I18N-ACTION-1124: Figure out what fuqiao's action item is and send him a note

I18N-ACTION-1125: Fix glossary/terminology section in string-meta pr and merge the results

I18N-ACTION-1126: Resolve conflicts in string-meta pr #48 and merge

I18N-ACTION-1127: Check thread on urls for language tags

I18N-ACTION-1128: Propose additional text in specdev about identifiers

I18N-ACTION-1129: Review httpapi-linkset for concerns

I18N-ACTION-1130: Pick up css-syntax thread materials in specdev identifiers section as needed and merge r12a's changes

I18N-ACTION-1131: Follow up on personalization-semantics #144 with commentary discussed in telecon

I18N-ACTION-1132: Contact ian about spc comments vs. tag conversation

I18N-ACTION-1133: Merge specdev pull 61 and publish

I18N-ACTION-1134: Create pr against canvas formatted text

I18N-ACTION-1135: Add to issue that need to allow numbers and alphas to behave separately too - and mark as needs-resolution

I18N-ACTION-1136: Send css-text issues with needs-resolution label

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