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Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N HR review of WebRTC Priority Control completed [I18N-ACTION-959]

I18N needs more time for WAI-ARIA 1.2 review [I18N-ACTION-976]

I18N-ACTION-959: Notify webrtc that our review is complete

I18N-ACTION-960: Add comment on whatwg 5475 expressing interest in the requirements and relationship to locale/lang

I18N-ACTION-961: Publish charmod-norm for wide review and seek horizontal review

I18N-ACTION-962: Ping css for a time and topics

I18N-ACTION-963: Respond to charmod-norm comments publishing changes as needed

I18N-ACTION-964: Send issue 978 to css and notify that our review is complete of css-cascade

I18N-ACTION-965: Have a look at logical properties issue in css vs. cascade

I18N-ACTION-966: Add namespace to charmod-norm ids

I18N-ACTION-967: Ping universe about charmod-norm review

I18N-ACTION-968: Document dicussion of logical vs. physical inheritance from i18n tpac meeting

I18N-ACTION-969: Write to iuc organizers about making presentations public

I18N-ACTION-970: Ping privacy/security about their use of considerations sections

I18N-ACTION-971: Update meeting times on meeting details page

I18N-ACTION-972: Report to css that we completed three reviews with no issues (box, sizing, conditional)

I18N-ACTION-973: Review issues proposed to close on miniapp and personalization semantics and send to member@

I18N-ACTION-974: Produce additional text in charmod-norm with worked example of canonical casefold matching

I18N-ACTION-975: Update wiki on i18n "considerations" sections and reply to sec/ping thanking them

I18N-ACTION-976: Ask wai for more time on wai-aria 1.2

I18N-ACTION-977: Reopen 875 (144 on personalization-semantics)

I18N-ACTION-978: Create issues on specdev from issue 989

I18N-ACTION-979: Forward webauthn 2.0 comments

I18N-ACTION-980: Review css-3 issues with xfq@

I18N-ACTION-981: Update css3-text review request with scheduling thoughts and asking for fantasai's help reviewing opens

I18N-ACTION-982: Propose text for a stock health warning about selection/truncation e.g. on code units for inclusion in spec-dev

I18N-ACTION-983: Notify completion of dom review

I18N-ACTION-984: Update css-text review request to note completion

I18N-ACTION-985: Study css 3775 for future action

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