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[mst-content-hint] I18N review complete [I18N-ACTION-938]

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-925: Update string-meta to include json-ld changes, etc.

I18N-ACTION-926: Propose text for geolocation issue

I18N-ACTION-927: Work with richard on crossover tpac meeting planning and proposal for our tpac calls

I18N-ACTION-928: File an issue against miniapp packaging asking after i18n plans

I18N-ACTION-929: Send uri/iri/url issue to wg

I18N-ACTION-930: Reply to whatwg 4562 (input type=email) with sense of i18n wg

I18N-ACTION-931: Reply to rdf via our i18n-dicuss issue 13

I18N-ACTION-932: Update teleconference joining links etc. on mo page

I18N-ACTION-933: Send mail to chairs@ asking for signups for tpac meetings

I18N-ACTION-934: Remind wg to read lang-bidi-use-cases for next week

I18N-ACTION-935: Read html input type=email text and suggest edits

I18N-ACTION-936: Contact plh copy richard and sam weiler to ask about public-review-announce list in wide review etc.

I18N-ACTION-937: Follow up on media queries about status of hr

I18N-ACTION-938: Notive mediastream track that we completed a review with no issues

I18N-ACTION-939: See if we have a definition of ltr/rtl/auto somewhere centralized that specs can refer to

I18N-ACTION-940: Write proposal for error message handling for specdev

I18N-ACTION-941: Notify screen wake lock of review complete with no issues

I18N-ACTION-942: Apply edits discussed in telecon and merge the normalization and localization specdev changes

I18N-ACTION-943: Publish ltli to tr

I18N-ACTION-944: Set up ltli for echidna

I18N-ACTION-945: Review predefined-counter-styles for changes and send info to group so we can take a publication decision

I18N-ACTION-946: Create definition of 'ltr'/'rtl'/'auto' that can be referenced by other specifications in string-meta

I18N-ACTION-947: Propose content guidance text in charmod-norm

I18N-ACTION-948: Submit issue 953 to web-xr with appropriate rewording based on telecon

I18N-ACTION-949: Propose text for spec dev around examples such as personal names

I18N-ACTION-950: Submit comments on cognitive disabilities doc

I18N-ACTION-951: Close old webshare request, link from the new one, and clean up radar

I18N-ACTION-952: Send confirmation of our tpac meetings

I18N-ACTION-953: Reply to css to schedule tpac joint meeting including a plea for topics in advance

I18N-ACTION-954: Reply to marcos about manifest bidi text per teleconference discussion

I18N-ACTION-955: Update pr of charmod-norm, merge, and send text to richard for posting as a wide review

I18N-ACTION-956: Check with webmaster on how to publish charmod-norm for wide review

I18N-ACTION-957: Ping fantasai and respond on issues related to css shorthand logical

I18N-ACTION-958: Write short summary about "i18n considerations" sections for considering by wg

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