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Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-884: Revise comment in issue 871 for consideration next week

I18N-ACTION-885: Investigate if any more work needs doing in rdf for language and direction metadata

I18N-ACTION-886: Create github issue to discuss rdf bcp47 issue in i18n-discuss repo

I18N-ACTION-887: Request a slot to discuss generic font family rules in next css virtual f2f

I18N-ACTION-888: Remind wg to read font fingerprinting proposals for next telecon

I18N-ACTION-889: Add html to review radar, respond to xiaoqian

I18N-ACTION-890: Propose a draft of "health warning" text for specdev

I18N-ACTION-891: Forward comment in issue 871

I18N-ACTION-892: Reply to issue 473 (css issue 1789) as part of closing

I18N-ACTION-893: Close dnt issue 62 (our 508) with a comment

I18N-ACTION-894: Request a slot in time slot a of css virtual f2f for discussing generic font families

I18N-ACTION-895: Respond to issue 4055 with i18n wg response about font fp asking justificiation and adding various discussion points made in telecon

I18N-ACTION-896: Update web-share issue 6 pointing to string meta

I18N-ACTION-897: Review open css-text issues

I18N-ACTION-898: Nudge this issue

I18N-ACTION-899: Review css 1790 and decide if some action is still wanted/needed

I18N-ACTION-900: Follow up on input-events 71 and see if further action is needed

I18N-ACTION-901: Raise issue 91 against css-text if that's appropriate

I18N-ACTION-902: Read the issue 95 email thread and decide if there's an issue in there

I18N-ACTION-903: Read issue 165 and decide if it is tracker or needs-resolution and whether it is satisfied

I18N-ACTION-904: Add a summary to issue 221

I18N-ACTION-905: Research issue 222

I18N-ACTION-906: Review edits in css issue 4765 (our 845) and see if we're satisfied

I18N-ACTION-907: Remind wg to review css-text close? and open issues

I18N-ACTION-908: Create issue 221 in css as "needs resolution" (

I18N-ACTION-909: Look at

I18N-ACTION-910: Submit issue 901 to web-share

I18N-ACTION-911: Fill in review request for miniapp

I18N-ACTION-912: Review all repos to see if we need to publish fpwd or updates

I18N-ACTION-913: Update hr request github issue for html snapshot

I18N-ACTION-914: Publish current version of specdev to tr

I18N-ACTION-915: Update bp-i18n-specdev pr41 for further consideration next week

I18N-ACTION-916: Publish lreq documents to tr as fpwd

I18N-ACTION-917: Reply to issue css 5068 on behalf of i18n saying we're satisified with the edit proposed

I18N-ACTION-918: Flesh out issue 865 for re-review

I18N-ACTION-919: File miniapp issues looking at minutes for additional instructions

I18N-ACTION-920: Send simple-ruby for wide review

I18N-ACTION-921: Send issue 865 to personalization-semantics

I18N-ACTION-922: Close all css-text issues from telecon and communicate status in css's issues

I18N-ACTION-923: Review editorial work on string-meta for 9-july-2020 telecon

I18N-ACTION-924: Prepare updates of ltli for review by 9-july-2020 pinging fsasaki first

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