CSS3 Text issues review for closure [I18N-ACTION-768]

Per my action[1] here are the open i18n-comment issues on CSS3-Text:


Hyphenation usages in CJK

This one was rejected as invalid. The original request was for a feature to override line breaking in CJK to allow for hyphenation of non-Han scripts (such as Latin) when performing justification. The specific request itself might be invalid. There was a long discussion with Richard and some new tests made. I suspect the WG may want to visit the issue of mixed script hyphenation as a separate issue.

Recommendation: CLOSE, add new tracking issue if WG concurs


shaping breaks and typographic characters

Richard made a comment that he’s not yet satisfied and I think that’s the correct resolution. This may get deferred to Text-4.

Recommendation: NO ACTION


Segment Break Transformation Rules for East Asian Width property of A

This is a discussion of handling breaks and spaces for ambiguous width characters—notably but not exclusively emoji. Discussion is on-going. Probably this needs attention:

Recommendation: INVESTIGATE



See around: Capitalizing enclosed alphanumerics (issue #110)

The flattened thread has no associated issue (I can’t find what “issue #110” refers to). CSS resolved not to do anything to the text here. Jonathan Kew introduces an interesting problem that has well-known Unicode recommendations attached to how to handle it.

The text in question lives here: https://drafts.csswg.org/css-text-3/#text-transform-property

Interestingly ‘capitalize’ is title case. It only affects lowercase “typographic letter units”, which is likely to be wrong. The original citation in the email thread mentions digraphs (IJ, DZ, etc.) and the result of this is that you don’t get the title case (Dz) equivalents because these are uppercase letters. They do define full case mapping and require language-aware mapping, so probably the rest is okay?



Enclosed alphanumerics and text-align:capitalize

Another old thread on the same/similar topic.


line breaking default

This appears to be still open based on the last replay on the linked flattened thread?

Recommendation: OPEN TRACKING ISSUE, close if resolved


[1] https://www.w3.org/International/track/actions/768

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