New specdev material about bidi


I have published an very drafty update of the spec development 
guidelines in a *temporary location* at

that works on bidi topics. All the changes are in section 5 of that 
document.  The changes so far are mostly in the background material 
(moved and updated from the article i used to have on my own site, and 
integrated into the specdev doc). The actual recommendations still need 
rework – i'm actually considering whether to have separate subsections 
for recommendations related to markup documents vs JSON.

you'll also notice that i regrouped everything again into a single 
section about text direction.  That seemed to fall out of adding the 
additional background information. (So i may need to do the same with 
the language information too later.)

In addition, i've been pulling together some real world examples at

one of which is the Activity Streams model we currently need to resolve, 
and the other is the Web Annotation model, which we worked on before.  I 
plan to add other models to this as time goes by, including CSV and 
WebVTT.  For Activity Streams, i've tried to list problems and proposed 

please take a look and send any comments.

i plan to show this to the activity streams folks prior to our 
discussions with them coming up next week.


Received on Friday, 29 July 2016 18:17:34 UTC