[Bug 27475] Examples: illustrate difference between bdo and bdi


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(In reply to Richard Ishida from comment #4)
> Not sure what is the status of this bug, but for the earlier contributors
> who were trying to understand the difference between dir, bdi and bdo you
> can find explanations at
> https://www.w3.org/International/articles/inline-bidi-markup/
> (I also just added some extra text to help clarify the difference between
> bdi and bdo.)

For BDO itself, I think it is also worth to illustrate the difference between
|bdo dir='ltr'| and |bdo dir='rtl'|:

Both allow to override the standard behavior, but:
  - |bdo dir=ltr| causes the enclosed characters to be treated as strong LTR
  - |bdo dir=rtl| causes the enclosed characters to be treated as strong RTL
Also, only BDO is usually associated with "overriding the UBA" (e.g. in

But, actually, all explicit directional formatting characters and their
equivalents do "override" the UBA ... well, probably not "[just] UBA", but the
"standard implicit UBA" - since the directional formatting characters
themselves are part of the standard.

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