Re: Time Ontology in OWL review

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> i read through
> Time Ontology in OWL
> not being an expert in linked data nor time/data topics, much of it is
> hard for me to comment on, however there do seem to be a number of
> issues surrounding time zones, as the spec itself mentions in
> One thing that's not taken into account, however, afaict, is when DST is
> introduced or discontinued for a given area, eg. it was just
> discontinued in Egypt this year.
> I also find myself wondering why so much effort is going into creating
> ontological terms for much of this when it seems that expressing things
> as incremental time or looking up things in the Olson database would
> reduce the computation needed.

I also suspect that there's a built-in assumption that DST is only 
switched on and off once in a given year.  That is not always the case. 
Egypt in 2014 changed 4 times, to accomodate Ramadan, and iiuc will 
change at least 4 times this year too, do to several changes of mind 
about DST adoption.


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