New github repo for article etc drafting

i have created a new github repository for editing articles, tutorials 
and other such pages on the i18n Activity site.

please note the following points:

[1] i have adapted the publication framework to remove the need for PHP. 
  All pages now work using just HTML, CSS and Javascript. This will be 
an improvement for translators and editors, who will now be able to test 
and validate their pages more easily.

the new HCJ approach will be rolled out gradually alongside the existing 
PHP base.  As we develop new articles, or update articles prior to 
translation or as part of ongoing maintenance, i will convert the file 
to work with the new format and add the content to the github site.

currently we have the following pages in the repo:

This is a new article in preparation. I put a redirect in place on the 
w3c site to this location.

this article was updated to match a swedish (and possibly forthcoming 
german) translation.  (The sv version is actually in the repo too, but 
i'm not expecting to normally keep language versions there - this was 
just to facilitate testing of the new framework.)

the latter page (and sv translation) is now live, using the new 
framework, at

[2] an advantage to this approach is that it is much easier for people 
other than myself to create or propose edits to pages (via pull 
request).  Hurrah!

[3] another advantage is that changes are shown in the github commits. 
This is useful for reviewing changes and for translators updating content.

shows changes to the file qa-escapes

[4] the new framework adds an opt-out for use of cookies to apply 
'sticky content-language negotiation'. It no longer relies on URL 
parameters to trigger this, but is triggered by the user clicking on a 
language switch link. I will at some point retrofit this to the old 
framework too.

for example, go to and click on 
Svenska (top right)

[5] with the new framework, readers can raise comments as github issues 
in this repo.  The old approach, which sent email to a member-only list 
with options for forwarding (often not intended to be seen publicly) was 
problematic and created a regular influx of spam.


though i've done a fair bit of testing to winkle them out, there may be 
some bugs still. If so, please let me know.


Received on Wednesday, 20 January 2016 15:26:53 UTC