FW: Your Feedback on PRI #286 (Emoji)

Results of our feedback on UTR51 are included here.

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Subject: Your Feedback on PRI #286 (Emoji)


You are receiving this because you submitted feedback on Emoji Public Review Issue #286 prior to the recent UTC meeting in February. Thank you for taking the time to respond on this issue.

The committee received a large number of responses, and we are unable to send individual answers at this time. Your feedback was reviewed by the emoji subcommittee prior to the UTC meeting, and again during the meeting.

The text of PRI #286, along with feedback may be viewed here: 

Your feedback also appears in the document L2/15-032R along with a recommended disposition from the emoji subcommittee. That document may be downloaded from here:


Unless you have already received another recent e-mail from me, that disposition should be considered the final outcome.

However, if you have specific questions that aren't answered by examination of L2/15-032R, please feel free to e-mail me and I will try to provide further information.

The UTC has also posted an update to Draft UTR #51 since the meeting. It includes significant updates, and may be viewed here:


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