Re: More woes with charmod draft

Hello Addison,

On 2014/07/08 10:01, Phillips, Addison wrote:

> I did one substantive edit: the terms "producer" and "recipient" are no longer used anywhere in this document: I removed them and the associated Note.

Interesting. I seem to remember they were very heavily used previously. 
How did you get rid of them?

> WD:

> Happy publishing state at last? Pubrules is happy. Link checker is almost happy. The sadness:
> It appears that the Nicol paper, quoted in Charmod since forever, now generates a 404. Should we bag the reference here? Note that the referring text is in our introduction and is directly quoting Charmod-Fundamentals. It's not important to this document, but it means charmod has a broken link.

That's something that happens regularly about every 5 years. I first 
thought the domain had been given up. I wrote to Gavin via LinkedIn, 
because I don't have his latest email address. Later I noticed that the 
page has a copyright of Gavin Nicol, and some (compared to the paper) 
rather recent blog posts. Searching around a bit more, I found the paper 
alive I hope to 
hear back from Gavin, but for the moment, that should do.

Regards,   Martin.

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