I18N-ISSUE-362: Bullet in the document language [css-counter-styles]

I18N-ISSUE-362: Bullet in the document language [css-counter-styles]


Raised by: Richard Ishida
On product: css-counter-styles

3.9 Speech Synthesis: the speak-as descriptor

    The UA speaks a UA-defined phrase or audio cue that represents an unordered list item being read out."

This is the only value that doesn't say 'in the document language", but i think it's equally applicable here.  If the list is in French, the French word for the UA defined phrase needs to be used.

(Btw, I note that 'in the document language' means in the language most recently declared for the text where the counter appears, which may not be the same as that declared for the document as a whole. (Although content authors will need to ensure that the language of a list, for example, is that of the surrounding content or the language of the intended reader, if different, rather than the language of the list items if those list items are words in a different language!))  

Received on Friday, 4 July 2014 19:54:01 UTC