Feedback on W3C India Indic layout draft & Participation in W3C Indic Task Force

Dear Sir ,
W3C( has formed Language Specific Task force working under the
aegis of W3C Internationalization Core WG in various World’s languages. The
Indic Task Force( ) has
been constituted under W3C Internationalization Core Working Group. Since India
has 22 constitutionally recognized languages and each language has their own
complexities and challenges , incorporation of Indic language
requirements in W3C present and future Standards / recommendations would
be challenging task. 
The one of the main objective of Indic Task Force is to produce
recommendations and Draft Working Group Notes on CSS requirements in Indian
languages and its solutions.
In the area of CSS and Styling issues in Indian Languages, W3C
India( has already carried out extensive work and prepared
draft report highlighting the challenges and proposed solutions.The detailed
draft of CSS requirements in Hindi language is available at :
I request you to
kindly give your valuable feedback on this draft so that it can be incorporated
in the first draft note produced by W3C India.
I also request you to kindly participate in the Indic Task force by the
following manner:
·   To participate, join the
Internationalization Interest Group by subscribing to the (publicly archived) mailing list. You can also send your comments on this
mailing list.
·  To subscribe, kindly mention
‘subscribe’ in the subject line and mail it to
Looking forward to
your kind confirmation and feedback.
with kind regards,


Dr. Somnath Chandra
Additional Director,

Dept. of Electronics & Information Technology
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Govt. of India
Fax: +91-11-24363099

Received on Wednesday, 12 March 2014 05:38:13 UTC