New version of Declaring character encodings in HTML

Prompted by some out of date material which was pointed out to me this 
morning and which led me to discover more, and in line with the rewrite 
of the CSS encoding article I'm working on, I'm proposing a new version 
of this article to be found temporarily at

I've also been considering ways to make the articles punchier, more 
directly applicable for people wanting to get information quickly, and 
more easily scannable, and I tried to improve it in that way. This lead 
to a significant reorganization of the material.

I also removed a lot of out-of-date information and added some new.

You'll also see that I'm using a slightly different styling, which I 
thinks gives it a cleaner, fresher look. I'd like to roll that out to 
all our articles if no-one objects.

I'm sending to this list first, but we should probably send out for wide 
review unless there are any objections.

Addison, can I agenda+ for tomorrow's meeting?


Received on Wednesday, 26 February 2014 17:04:35 UTC