Re: [I18N-ACTION-150] Review of HTML open issues

On 18/02/2014 19:56, Phillips, Addison wrote:
> All,
> I have reviewed the open HTML5 issues. Below is my summary for review. To see the actual issues, click the product link here:
> I would suggest that we close all of the items marked "suggest close" and review in our teleconference the items marked "consider in WG". Some of the items need info from us and I will try to update the bugs on each of these.
> If you object to closing any that I suggest for closure, please squeak loudly.
> Summary follows:
> ISSUE-26: Add 'rb' back. Needs info.

Now out of date, since incorporation of ruby extension spec. Propose we 

> ISSUE-30: allow 'utf-16' in charset declarations. wontfix. Last commenter suggested we reopen.

I suggest we close it, since we aren't going to win this.

> ISSUE-77: fixed. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-78: fixed. RI indicated satisfied. Suggest close.

I indicated satisfaction with an ITS issue that somehow got incorporated 
in this product.  I provided futher info, as requested.

> ISSUE-79: <q> rendering. Fixed. RI indicated. Satisfied. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-80: default rules for quotes. Fixed. Suggest close.

An attempt was indeed made to fix it, but I think the syntax is 
incorrect, since the quotes used are determined by the language of the 
quoted text.  I reopened the bug and suggested an alternative syntax.

> ISSUE-81: line terminators. Wontfix. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-83: Gregorian calendar warning. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-84: BCE month representation. Wontfix. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-85: incremental time health warning. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-87: leap seconds not allowed. Wontfix. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-88: floating date. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-89: time zones. Action open against Norbert. Keep open.
> ISSUE-91: 15 minute time zones. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-92: LTO vs. TZ. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-94: culturally specific week rules. New/Untouched.
> ISSUE-95: accept-charset rules. Needs info.
> ISSUE-96: allow for EAI. Wontfix. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-97: allow request for given locale. Pending for 5.1. Continue to track.
> ISSUE-98: 13th month. Wontfix. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-102: path separator character. New/Untouched.
> ISSUE-103: reference to charmod. Wontfix. Conisder in WG.
> ISSUE-104: additional requirements for encodings. Needs Info.
> ISSUE-105: compatibility caseless matching. I think we know the status of this one ;-)
> ISSUE-106: replacement chars. Needs Info.
> ISSUE-107: replacement chars II. Needs info.
> ISSUE-109: space chars. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-110: contacts for meta registry. New. Deferred?
> ISSUE-111: format of lastModified format documentation. Wontfix. Consider in WG. Hixie suggests we document externally.
> ISSUE-116: title @dir. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-118: explicitly unknown language. Needs info. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-119: language detection fallback example. Needs Info. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-120: Non-ASCII in data-*. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-121: concept of paragraphs. Needs info. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-122: refer to UBA. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-123: 202C. New.
> ISSUE-124: avoid Unicode controls. Needs Info. Addison to reply.
> ISSUE-126: @lang attribute health. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-129: content-language processing. New.
> ISSUE-130: health warn no internal encoding for JS. Needs Info. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-131: UTF-32 BOM. Wontfix. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-132: pubdates. Wontfix. Needs more investigation.
> ISSUE-135: List type list. Wontfix. Consider in WG.
> ISSUE-136: number formats in number state. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-138: @lang and @xml:lang synonyms. New (but much discussion)

Yes, we need to discuss and put forward for

> ISSUE-139: multilingual q nesting. Wontfix but defers to CSS? Consider in WG.

I think my proposal for issue-80 may fix this for HTML.  We may need to 
consider implications for CSS.

> ISSUE-141: entity assignments. Invalid. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-142: complex ruby. Fixed.


> ISSUE-144: @translate. Fixed. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-148: code point != code unit. Fixed. Suggest close.
> ISSUE-194: sequential rt. Fixed. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-195: further ruby descendants. Fixed. Suggest close.

> ISSUE-196: mono vs group ruby. Fixed. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-197: multiple rt. Fixed. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-198: rt and rp. Fixed. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-199: ruby examples. Fixed. Suggest close.


> ISSUE-200: position of ruby. Fixed. Suggest close.

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> It is an architecture.

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