[Bug 13397] i18n-ISSUE-78: Spellchecking in editors and sc services


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I'll give an example to try to make this clearer.

It's currently possible to use the translate attribute to indicate to
translation tools that content should remain untranslated - this is very useful
for translation editing environments, but also for submission of pages to
automated translation services.

When I author an article I run it through a spellchecker in my editor. I may
also run it through an online spellchecking service. Often my article contains
text that throws up issues that are false positives. Take, for example,

I'd like to be able to indicate that the spellchecker should ignore the
elements surrounding examples of personal names in this article, so that I can
see the important spelling errors that are buried in the list.

It seems like an attribute similar to the translate attribute would be useful
here. On the other hand, it would be more useful to be able to say in the
document head that all elements of type x with classname y in section z should
be ignored, which is a more ITS-like approach.

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