[Bug 16970] i18n-ISSUE-105: compatibility caseless matching


--- Comment #10 from Addison Phillips <addison@lab126.com> ---
I know you do!

We're not adding "new functionality" so much as we are choosing a single
standard to home in on. This one doesn't happen to exactly match anyone's
implementation exactly, but it is:

a) a better choice than anyone's inconsistent legacy junk
b) what (some of) the implementations intended in the first place
c) easier to implement properly and provably than one of the other choices
d) something end users might even understand
e) doesn't break any of the existing ASCII matches while making other work

While I respect Ian's "not writing fiction here" ethos, we should *also* be
making good choices that guide maintainable, extensible implementations. Or
would we rather reverse engineer (coin flip to choose...) Firefox or IE8/9's
(different) idiosyncratic implementations just for the sake of legacy?

Actually, I18N's first recommendation is: make everything case sensitive. But
since we've been mildly case insensitive here and since we can't restrict the
namespace, I'd suggest UCI as a "new" casing algorithm that does away with
various quondam faux caseless matches. It's only new from the point of view
that we'd really prefer that people NOT apply NFKD too!!

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