Counter-proposal to new direction attribute

A counter-proposal to the idea of adding a new 'direction' attribute has 
been made by Tab Atkins and Fantasai. The counter-proposal recommends a 
return to our initial idea of providing new values for the dir 
attribute, rather than creating a new attribute to replace it.

The i18n WG recognised during yesterday's teleconference that some of 
the arguments for the counter-proposal have  merit - particularly in 
regards to continuity of the experience of the author and the degree of 
disruption to authors and implemnters involved.

We have outlined the new proposal in addition to the former proposal in 
the wiki at:

We welcome further comments on these proposals, and particularly the 
advantages of either proposal against the other.


On 20/02/2013 07:24, Richard Ishida wrote:> Unicode 6.3 will shortly be 
released, and will contain new control codes
 > (RLI, LRI, FSI, PDI) to enable authors to express isolation at the same
 > time as direction in inline bidirectional text. The Unicode Consortium
 > recommends that isolation be used as the default for all future inline
 > bidirectional text embeddings.
 > The i18n WG has been discussing how to ensure that HTML5 encourages and
 > enables content authors to adopt and apply isolation *as the default*
 > whenever they set direction on inline content, and discourage future use
 > of dir=rtl or dir=ltr (which does not produce isolation).
 > The proposal of the WG, with rationales, can be found at
 > i18n WG folks, please let me know asap if you think this needs changing
 > in some way.
 > RI

Richard Ishida, W3C

Received on Friday, 1 March 2013 17:52:00 UTC