IRIs - proposed resolution

Based on Martin's clarifications and Karen's point that the readership of
this report is likely to understand a reference to Unicode, I propose [1]:

    *Linked Data*.  "Linked Data" refers to data published in accordance with
    principles [2] designed to facilitate linkages among datasets, element
    sets, and value vocabularies.  Linked Data uses (Web) Uniform Resource
    Identifiers (URIs) [3] as globally unique identifiers for any kind of
    resources -- analogously to the library world's identifiers for authority
    control -- and provides data using standards such as the Resource
    Description Framework (RDF) [4].  Note that by definition, URIs include
    Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) [5] -- Web addresses [6] that
    support the non-Latin scripts of Unicode [7].  Linked Data defines
    relationships between things -- relationships that can be used for
    navigating between, or integrating, information from multiple sources.

-- This explanation is actually shorter than what was there before.

-- Deleted "(Web)" from "(Web) Uniform Resource Identifiers".  We had put it in 
   because we wanted to make clear that URIs were Web identifiers, but this point 
   is now made implicitly by the sentence that follows, which refers to "Web 

-- Deleted the acronyms "LD", "LOD", and "LLD" from the Scope section.  These date 
   from a time when we were using the abbreviations elsewhere in the report, but as
   far as I can tell, none of these acronyms are currently being used anywhere else.

-- I am aware that "non-Latin" scripts is a simplification, but nobody challenged
   that wording in previous iterations.  I'm assuming that for the intended audience
   of this report, "non-ASCII" might require additional explanation.



Tom Baker <>

Received on Saturday, 10 September 2011 18:38:52 UTC