Re: I18n and Linked Data - an important (but fixable) omission?

Hi Andrew,

On Fri, Sep 09, 2011 at 12:36:02PM +1000, Andrew Cunningham wrote:
> Being in both Library and i18n camps, I'd stress the important of
> referencing IRIs.

I see your point but don't see an easy way of doing this without changing the
whole emphasis in the report on "URIs" (e.g., a global search and replace
"s/URIs/IRIs/"?).  Emphasizing IRIs would put us out of synch with the
five-star coffee cup message of Linked Data generally.  Making the reference
prominently in the Scope section will get readers' attention.  If the Linked
Data message is wrong to emphasize URIs (and not IRIs) _generally_, then maybe
we need a revised coffee cup message...

Does that make sense?



Tom Baker <>

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