[Bug 12417] HTML5 is missing attribute for specifying translatability of content


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Hi Felix,

Thanks for your comments!

Frankly speaken, I also don't like very much the spelling and grammar checking
feature in HTML5. This feature concerns the content creation process, and
therefore doesn't have a particular relation to the actual content
representation in HTML (which could be yet another seperate process).

Translatability, on the other hand, has such a relation to the content
representation because it is a means to guide or to trigger possible subsequent
processes such as for instance a (machine) translation application because
these processes would directly operate on the HTML representation (maybe also
through a certain user agent interaction - my first use case). In this context,
my examples of other markup candidates point in exactly this processability

Since the specification of HTML5 is still floating, I wouldn't distinguish
between core and non-core features. This means depending on a particular use
case scenario, there should be room for the discussion of different solution
alternatives such as the proposed microdata apporach, or even fully fledged
semantic web technologies. It would be also a challenging opportunity to
demonstrate their applicability in real life scenarios. Last but not least, the
proposed microdata approach is available in HTML5 dom.

Best -- Jörg

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