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> The main purpose of this comment, however, is to mention that 4.6.22 The rp
> element in the LC version still has the original problem.  
> If you really wanted to have the spaces beside the parens, you should add those
> to the rp element (because otherwise you'd have an anomaly between the last
> paren and the following text).

Yes indeed.

> But actually, in Japanese text you wouldn't
> have such space characters anyway.

Not exactly true. JIS X 4051 defines parentheses as half-width, with a
half-width space attached to the outside, to together result in a full-width
block. When there is a need for stretching or shrinking the line, the
parentheses isn't affected, but the space is streched or shrunk. See also
http://www.w3.org/TR/jlreq/#en-subheading2_1_2. Ideally, this should happen
automatically, independent of whether it's a half-width (ASCII) parenthesis or
a full-width parenthesis (which has the half-width space 'built-in'). But
current Web layout technology isn't there yet (at least not as far as I know),
so it may need to be faked. Using a half-width (ASCII) parenthesis and a
half-width (ASCII) space (outside the parenthesis, but inside the <rp>) is one
way to do that. Using a full-width parenthesis is another way to do it.

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