Re: About to raise lots of new issues!

Hello Richard,

I'm a bit worried that with this procedure, the comments/discussions 
that we have already had on the mailing list may get lost. I'm thinking
e.g. about issues or

Regards,    Martin.

On 2011/07/23 1:03, Richard Ishida wrote:
> Folks,
> I've been wondering how to manage all the HTML5 related issues that have
> been raised for consideration over the past week or so, given that
> discussion of them will be spread across multiple emails and sets of
> minutes - and it finally dawned on me that this is exactly what tracker
> is for.
> So I propose to raise a tracker issue for each comment raised so far in
> email, under a product called HTML5-prep or Polyglot-prep (spec specific
> - if we have comments on other specs, we should create new products.)
> That will give us issue numbers to use when referring to a particular
> proposed comment, so that tracker will track it for us across emails and
> telecons.
> If we decide not to proceed with a comment, we can closed the issue. If
> we do, then we can make a clean copy in the existing 'live' HTML5
> product or the Polyglot product, so that it can be tracked as an
> official comment.
> Unfortunately, this will mean you getting a bunch of emails as I trawl
> through the email comments sent so far. Please bear with us for that.
> For future review work, we should probably just raise a new tracker
> issue for each comment, rather than send by email. (Be sure to choose
> the *-prep product, however, or the comment will be sent prematurely to
> other WG lists).
> Cheers,
> RI

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