I18N-ISSUE-74: Remove Content-Language meta from polyglot [Polyglot-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-74: Remove Content-Language meta from polyglot [Polyglot-prep]


Raised by: Richard Ishida
On product: Polyglot-prep

7.2 Language Attributes

"For the mechanism to actually set a fallback language, however, it has to locate either an http-equiv="Content-Language" declaration on the meta element or an HTTP Content-Language: header, either of whose content value is no more and no less than exactly one language tag. Note that although the mechanism can locate either the meta element or the header, the meta element is considered first."

Content-Language meta is now non-conforming in HTML5. I think this has two implications for the polyglot spec:

1. the spec should clearly state that "Polyglot markup does not use the meta element with an http-equiv attribute in the Content Language state."

2. since the polyglot spec already requires the lang+xml:lang attributes if an http header or meta uses Content-Language with a single language value (to override the value), the whole of the paragraph containing the text quoted above is (interesting but) irrelevant.  I think the paragraph should be dropped. 

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